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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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down at our airport just hours ago. >> dana: good morning. it is wednesday, hump day, august 10. it is 4:30 and another golden night for team u.s.a. and michael phelps beating chad in the 200-meter butterfly. >> kim: u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a. it makes you proud to be an american. welcome in on this wednesday morning. as parents we can totally relate >> dana: when you watch your kid compete. >> kim: more from rio as we have live team coverage throughout the morning. just heard from matt on "the today show," it is wet, rainy and nasty in rio. not going to be the forecast for us locally. >> kelly: not in las vegas but
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some showers around storms. dust blew in from storms in arizona last night. that's what we're going to deal with as the sun comes up today. hazy conditions, becoming breezy in the afternoon. that will help with the haze a little bit. highs today cooler, 98-degrees. we're going to talk about the rain chances in a few minutes. >> kim: let's get back to rio baby. another big night for team u.s.a. athletes from two moreop competing for their quest for gold. it is so exciting because we have such great news to report this morning. alli's mom hiding her eyes at one point. parents have been so much fun to watch as they react during her routine. five girls delivering. the final five they've been dubbed dominating the field from the start.
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looked back. the attention is shifting to next week's individual finals. if simon repeats her 2012 gold for the united states, it will be the first country be back to back four time champions. we have a sneak peek of what we can expect on "the today show" throughout the morning. let's dye into the pool with michael phelps adding two more medals to his trophy the 800 free style relay. he did so in the span of 70 minutes. amazing. phelps olympic medal count is 21 gold, 25 jeer all. did i not hear this morning his adorable son boomer and fiance in the stand, from what i understand he has as many gold medals as some countries.
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medal count he's racked up. people are saying redemption this morning because shadow boxer out of australia hours ago. now we have the finger and i don't mean the middle finger salute. you'll see michael phelps and the famous finger later this morning. >> dana: while we concentrate on the wins, it could be olympians. allison knows too well about that roller coaster ride. she sat down with "the today show" talking about her battle with depression. >> we're taught at a young age to push through anything. i think we use that mentality through life. i think that now i realize you can never get through life alone. >> there is allison, you can see
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234 terms of the medal count, the u.s.a. in the lead. 26 jeer all medals, nine gold, eight silver, nine bronze and news 3 digital taking you behind the scenes in rio. i hope you've been following along with reed and chloe. they've been doing great reporting on numerous platforms including our facebook page and on >> kim: it's all about the olympics this morning and all about donald in decision 2016 you are about to hear what he has to say that has caused a ton of controversy. >> if hillary appoints justices of the supreme court, you are going to have a lot of problems folks. >> that's how trump toned it down after democrats reacted to this, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks, although the second
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to vote against her. >> that's not what democrats heard. >> violence is not something -- >> senator warren tweeted it's a death threat. it even got the which attention of the secret service. >> i would very much urge the leadership of congress to call people back for a special session and get a bill passed. >> clinton says she'll debate trump. he's asking the commission to change two of the three days that conflict with nfl games. >> kimberly: we're going to talk
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that kansas water park where a 10-year-old boy lost his life on the biggest water slide in the world. that water park is set to reopen. they have the footage set to talk about the young man who lost his life. they are moving forward but at the same time they are remembering the tragedy at this park. from what we understand he had a neck injury that took his life when he slammed into the net. you see how is. somehow he got out of the raft there that is like a boat. you are supposed to be strapped in but he got launched into a net and that snapped his neck. there were two adults in the raft with him and the park is saying they inspect that ride every morning. they still don't know what went wrong here. they know he got launched but they are investigating how he
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>> dana: metro have arrested a man charged with sexually assaulting a man at boulder station. this is the guy. he's the man that sexually assaulted that worker at boulder station. you can see him getting on to the elevator there on saturday afternoon. police say the housekeeper sexually assaulted and battered inside one of the rooms as she was working. one hotel employee who did not want to be identified told able to make it up to the rooms. >> i don't know how the guy got upstairs because you need a card to go in the elevator. there aain't no way to get up there. >> dana: we saw the surveillance video and you saw him getting on to the elevator with other people that did have hotel room
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battery. station acasino has not issued a statement. >> kim: you are about to see spectacular video released by nasa. some of it on your screen. we have the explanation about the planet video headed your way. >> dana: a rescue caught on video and there is something floated in the ocean right there. we're going to let you know what that is and show you the rescue coming up. you can see it's rainy, windy and nasty in rio. the most decorated athlete in american history captainured two more gold medals.
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>> this ferry rescued a dog. the passengers noticed an unlikely sight. they noticed a dogd ocean. passengers tried to rescue the dog but couldn't because the boat was too high. they flagged down a fishing boat and they picked up the dog and the passengers erupted in cheers. >> kim: a little monkey business at our local airport. stick around. not only do we have live team coverage out of rio and the latest political news but monkey business making headlines from
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come. also people in tucson dealing with a big muddy mess. major flooding. this is a short distance from where you are right now. we'll take you there coming up. >> dana: a local gold star mom who helped other family members get the shock of a lifetime when she goes to visit the grave of her son. >> kim: live pictures out of our donald trump is faulting the american media for the second amendment controversy he find himself in this morning. the hopeful blaming the media
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>> kim: nasa released more
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this time showing clouds. >> dana: the tropical storm causing problems in arizona. there were ds stranded. the waters rose so fast , this s.u.v. was swept away. water was up to the windshield when crews arrived. they had to break open a window to pull the occupant pant to safety. we thought some of that moisture might seep into southern nevada.
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us today. >> kim: if you come across standing water, not only are you supposed to drive across it but if you get stuck, you may have to pay for your own rescue. it's not just saving your own life deter rent enough, maybe the price tag is. >> kelly: and ruining your car. we are dealing with haze in the air. not from smoke from wildfires. it's dust from storms last night in arizoa. lapse. this is yesterday. this is the smoke we were seeing from the pilot fire creating a little bit of haze for us yesterday. dry conditions throughout the day. all the storm activity stayed well to our east. temperatures as you get ready to head out the door lakes 82. little dusty out there this morning.
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na will help blow the dust out of the area. we have dust and ozone. no advisory but elevated levels of dust in the air especially during the morning hours. the last few hours most of the activity has been in new mexico but storms expected to fire up later in arizona. we could see activity in mete even in arizona flash flood watch. keep that in mind especially heading down toward kingman could see water on the roadways. high today 99 in las vegas. looking at hazy, breezy conditions. the wind will help push some of the dust out of the area this afternoon. tonight 78, mostly clear and our seven-day forecast, 99 tomorrow. but heating up again as we get
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>> kim: social media buzz because of what happened when a plane landed at our local airport. live look behind me. was there really a monkey on board? as we talk about monkey business. a monkey was on board but not on the loose. metro responded to the social media buzz on this one. they were standing by at the airport yesterday. when the flight in question landed and that 11:00, mccarron officials confirmed that the passenger had the proper paperwork to bring the monkey on board as a service animal. not smuggled or running around loose. that's a new one. i don't know how many people knew you could bring a monkey on board as a service animal. >> dana: i didn't know there was proper paperwork for that.
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happened. 35 people gathered at the police academy last night and participating in a shoot, don't shoot role scenario. two permeations randomly to decide if lethal force should be used. the win was loaded with live how could this snap how could the gun have live rounds instead of blanks? >> kim: we've been covering a lot of fun with the olympics. the flame continues to burn in rio. we take you there for different reasons this morning. "usa today" is reporting that there was a bus that was returning from the women's basketball venue when passengers say all of a sudden they heard gunshots.
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were shattered as a result. authorities say the sound was rocks being thrown at the bus not gunfire. there was a volunteer who received a minor injury as a result here. officials saying the driver reported hear august noise but didn't stop. even though he saw people hit on the ground. he stopped when he saw police arrive. two people suffering cuts but they are going to make a recovery. more of a scary than anything. >> dana: the u.s. justice expected to release a report. the investigation included the officers in baltimore routinely stop, search and even arrest the city's african-american residents without provocation. this investigation was launched after the death of freddie gray.
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six years of records. the justice department found deficiencies in training, policy and supervision within the baltimore mother p. d. >> kim: we have a story to inspire you this morning. we will be checking in live with kendall for continued coverage. it has to do with a local gold star mom. she was kind of given a story she was going to go out to a particular event. she thought one thing but when she got there she w riders to her son's grave where various members of organizations came together to honor this gold star mom and remember the loss of her 22-year-old son. >> memories of me hugging him and kissing him. that kind of photograph nobody
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>> she doesn't think about herself or take that time and today we wanted to make sure we did that for her. >> kim: that is the gold star mom, the first person you heard from. she is so thankful for all the support. it is heart warming so many people have rallied around her. she was appointed by brian board of the memorial semitori. >> dana: they called him nacho. he decided to join the army after 9/11. those of you who have been unlucky enough to feel the sting of a stop i don't know, it is s.
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poisonous pest creepy. finding and killing them takes practice and precision. we followed jason woods and his neighbors on a hot summer night in the las vegas desert. they are on the hunt for scorpions. the unwanted house guest had eight legs, sharp claws and tails that sting. >> it gets to a point the more you catch, you feel more accomplished. the more you >> join us tonight on news 3 live at 7 as we track scorpions in our valley. >> kim: windy, rainy, nasty but glittering gold. here is what to expect from rio this morning on today. >> good morning from rio coming up on a wednesday, more on that historic gold for the women's gymnastics team.
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gold medals to his record. we'll hear from him and two of his teammates will join us live. >> if the olympics have you inspired to do traveling, don't miss our special steals and deals when we see you from rio on a wednesday morning here on today. >> dana: michael phelps won two more gold medals last night, he's also got people talking about what he did afte he celebrated his victory with this gesture that's become popular at these games. after king beat the russian, she put her finger up saying i'm
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michael phelps racing against the australian. they are huge rivals. >> kim: redemption baby. a lot of us have been watching michael phelps in the pool since he was 15 years old. now he has a five-month-old in the stand named b michael phelps has boomer and look who ryan lochte has.
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>> kim: michael phelps taking home more gold and he's not alone, team u.s.a. live coverage from rio with all the must see moments headed your
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rare ones coming up. >> dana: this guy goes on a romantic honeymoon by himself. where is his new bride? we have the answers coming up. >> dana: another gold medal day for michael phelps. >> kim: so exciting. you are going to see the finger wag that is tea media. not the middle finger salute. fur wondering, that is our local airport and i kid you not there was a monkey that dominated the headlines hours ago. metro responding to the airport because of reports of a monkey on board. >> dana: it's the story of the morning for sure. we got you covered in terms of traffic and weather. kelly is in the weather center.


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